I strive in my artwork to capture the quintessence of my subject matter, the subtle nuances of expression, mood, light and depth thereby seeking the emotional connection and capturing a strong independent moment that evokes a deeper meaning beyond the obvious visual that transpires in my portraiture, figurative paintings and other works. 

My inspiration comes as a direct response to our surrounding environment and influences. People have always fascinated and intrigued me, as do different cultural differences, traditions and ethnic and heritage groups. I am also enraptured by the moods and colour of African landscape and wildlife with its awesome kaleidoscope of colour, its drama, its vastness and its primitive beauty in all of its magnificence and quest for survival.


I was born in South African in 1965 from Irish decent. I graduated in Fine Art and Graphic Design at what was then known as Natal Technikon in Durban, South Africa and subsequently worked in an international printing company in the advertising sector as well as freelancing as illustrator in various advertising and lifestyle publishing companies.


I relocated to Europe with my family and due to personal circumstances, the focus on my art was diverted to other priorities for a period of time.  I did however explore other avenues of creativity which have benefited my skill set in the long term. 

With a backpack of experience, my artwork is a continuous evolving portfolio which captures either a bold, vibrant and energetic atmosphere or a seductive mood with saturated hues, mentally stimulating, visual landscape of contemplation or a warm blast of dazzling sunlight with warm, lustrous, glossy colour. 

I am currently living in Switzerland and partly in the Western Cape of Southern Africa.


After much self-reflection and with renewed inspiration and conviction in my talent and creativity, I have submerged myself in exploring the various relationships between conceptional, op art, modern, contemporary and realism.