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Charmaine McMahon is a contemporary artist living in Zurich, Switzerland and partly in Cape Town, South Africa.

Charmaine was born in South Africa from Irish parents and showed a keen interest and passion of art and drawing from a very young age, in particular a fascination with portraits and personalities.

Graduating in Fine Art and Graphic Design at what was then known as Durban University of Technology in Durban, South Africa, she went on to work in an international printing company in the graphic and design division, as well as freelancing as Illustrator in several advertising and lifestyle publishing companies.

 Later after relocated to Switzerland with her family and owing to private circumstances her focus on her artwork was diverted to other priorities for a period. Charmaine however explored other avenues of creativity and interest in the arts which benefited her skill set and knowledge in the long term.

It was only more recently with a backpack of experience, much self-reflection and renewed inspiration and conviction in her talent and creativity that Charmaine submerged herself into exploring the various relationships between conceptional, pop art and contemporary art that always inspired her and which concurrent gave her the opportunity to reflect on her development of her own voice and style in her artwork.

In her more recent artworks McMahon strives to capture the quintessence of her subject matter, seeking the emotional connection and a strong independent moment that evoke a deeper meaning beyond the obvious visual that can appear to obscure while in fact, it aids to divulge, suggest, and illuminate.

Her artist diversity is pursued through a variety of mediums, and addresses themes such as the disintegrated structure of identity within our globalised world, society in general and individualism. Psychology as well as people have always fascinated, and intrigue Charmaine as do different cultural differences, traditions, and ethnic and heritage groups. 

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