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Charmaine McMahon’s inspiration is a reflection on the disintegrated structure of identity within our current globalised world during the pandemic. What lies beneath a face is infinitely deeper than its impassive projection may suggest. This series is her take on comic book iconography and portraiture to create speculation about the enigmas behind a facade.  An observation what appears obscure is ultimately, in fact, deeply complex and revealing. She invites the observer to take a closer look to contemplate the mysteries belying these faces.

MASK UP_cmyk.jpg



In the series SENTIO her artwork is predominantly studies of expressive observations and nuances. It is important that she does not try to reconstruct reality but explore the different facets of reflection through expressive, bold, provocative images allowing the viewer to fill in the details and interpretation.

In the series SHIFT her artwork is predominantly portraiture – close-ups on a monochrome background. She is applying her major influences – the systemic urge to understand human behavior and the beauty in expressive nuances. The series incorporate the use of contrast and good composition, creating bold, energetic and dramatic images. It is important that she captures a strong independent moment which evokes deeper meaning beyond the obvious visual.



The series is a celebration of different ethnic and contemporary dance forms. Taking inspiration from images which capture gesticulation, form and energy. The artist searches out the emotional connection which challenges and inspires her. In this series she strives to create and capture an atmosphere of tension and passion or calm, concentrated discipline. She is essentially interested in creating artwork that resonant with the audience to the same extent as her own passion and involvement in her work. It is the ability to evoke recollection, elicit response and conjure curiosity which inspires and drives her.


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