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Charmaine McMahon’s artistic diversity is best described through a variety of mediums, and she is best known for her contemporary portraiture and figurative form.

Coming from a Fine Art and graphic background, Charmaine is inclined to work in a very controlled and detailed manner. Her artwork is constantly evolving as is her approach to her work in her pursuit to discover her artistic identity. She began working on larger canvases and exploring other avenues which offer an entry point into the variety and richness that lies beneath a facial expression that we encounter in life.

Her focus in her portraiture is on narrative and perception. She has always been intrigued by themes that explore identity, perception, culture, power and ultimately today’s society.

 Charmaine’s medium of choice and not limited to one media, but her work in multiple media offers us a variety and richness that is achievable and inspirational.

Part of her process before she begins is to perform research, work on preliminary ideas, experiment with art materials and processes, revise or rework her work and ultimately establish a base for the subsequent image. For McMahon, she strives to get beyond the obvious and connect on a deeper emotional level, seeking to grasp the connection and transform this onto her canvas thus converting the ordinary to extraordinary within the context of the narrative.

Charmaine McMahon’s process as an artist is constantly evolving, remains adaptive and engaging. Through this she is constantly challenging herself in her development to find her own voice and style.

Charmaine invites the observer to contemplate on the enigmas belying her work and considers it an achievement if a viewer finds her works inspirational and captivating.

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