Her painting technique and style could be best described as a blend of photo-realistic and modern contemporary.


Coming from a Fine Art and Graphic background, Charmaine has the tendency to work in a very controlled and precise manner. Her artwork is constantly evolving as is her approach to her paintings and consequently Charmaine has started painting on larger canvases. Her artwork is an ongoing process of developing works, portraying the kaleidoscope and essence of perception and identity.


Her focus is more in portraiture and figurative painting as she finds the narrative intriguing as it offers glimpses into other’s lives and explores themes such as perception, identity, culture, power and ultimately today’s society.


She works with models to create a more personal deeper message, but she also researches material online, in magazines or takes incentive from photography which captivate and challenge her interest.


Like many artists part of her process before she begins is to perform research, work preliminary ideas out in a sketchbook or in smaller format, experiment with art materials and processes, revise or rework her art and reflect on her finished work through writing or through dialogue with others.

Her medium of choice is not limited to one media, but she does work mostly in oil, acrylic or mixed media in her paintings. She works in acrylic for its versatility and oil for the many effects and technics that she can achieve with it. Through colour, movement, light and dark she strives to get beyond the obvious and to connect on a deeper emotional level. She seeks to grasp into that connection and transform it outside onto her canvas bringing it to life, from ordinary to extraordinary within the context of the narrative.


When Charmaine is painting her focus and vision is one with her artwork. Time has no value. The solitude of those moments is a form of meditation and brings her to a more centralized person.  


She constantly challenges herself in her artwork and while she feels confident in her talent and technic that she is currently working in, she is always interested in introducing new ways and techniques to develop herself and her work even further. 


With every finished work Charmaine challenge herself to create energetic and expressive artwork that allows the viewer to emotionally connect, stopping in their tracks and reflecting. If a viewer pauses for just a moment to dwell on a piece of her artwork, then she feels that she has successfully achieved her goal.